E.C. Bell


Our Notorious Nominees:

Elizabeth Duncan, Vicki Delany, Rickie Blair and Cathy Ace

A gimpse of what you missed… https://youtu.be/smmBTwyNRLA



Sex and the Saucy Bits. From characters walking off chastely into the sunset to a jolly bout of good old rumpy-pumpy, how much sex do we want to see in mysteries?

• Killing Them Softly. Guns are so gauche when there are so many other classier and more innovative ways of offing one’s enemies. From a bullet to the brain to a knitting needle to the heart, how

• Sleuths and Sidekicks. Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. Even cops have partners (official or unofficial), and what would Sherlock have done without Watson. Who are your favourite crime-fighting duos?

• Woof! Meow! Oink! No matter how badly your investigation is going, you can always turn to your best friend – your pet – for comfort. What role do animals play in various kinds of mysteries?

Who will win the coveted Bony? To find out, and have lots of criminous fun, come to:

The Mini-con

The award will be presented at the Bony Blithe Mini-con & Award Gala on    

May 25th, at the  High Park Club,     100 Indian Road, Toronto. 

The festivities run from 10:00 a.m. to 9 p.m. and include lunch, panels and/or round-table discussions, afternoon nibblies, a dealers room, loot bags, and the award banquet where the monarch of merry murder will be crowned. That’s 10 hours of criminous capering, all for $65. 

For more information or to buy a ticket for the mini-con/gala, contact us at
info@bonyblithe.com or go to the Registration page. 

Getting to the High Park Club

Transit: The way that requires the least amount of walking is by taking the number 80 Queensway bus at the Keele subway station. Out-of-towners, remember to get a transfer wherever you pay your fare. The bus goes south along Parkside Drive. You get off at Garden Avenue (Garden and Parkside), cross Parkside, and walk east along Garden Ave till you get to Indian Road. On Indian Road, walk northeast (i.e., away from the lake and CN Tower) till you get to the club at 100 Indian Road. The best way to get into the club (OK, actually the only way I know) is through the club parking lot. There are three or four shallow steps up to the door. We’ll have signs on the doors to indicate the way into the main function space.

Driving: Use Google maps to find the best way to drive from where you are to the club. Important note: Check on road closures due to construction, filming, etc. on the City of Toronto Traffic Portal. Free parking at the back of the club.