Previous Winners


Mike Martin Mike Martin, Darkest Before the Dawn
Alan Bradley, The Grave’s a Fine and Private Place
Vicki Delany, A Scandal in Scarlet
Elizabeth J. Duncan, The Marmalade Murders
Auralee Wallace, Haunted Hayride with Murder


E.C. Bell Winner: E.C. Bell
Cathy Ace
Rickie Blair
Vicki Delany
Elizabeth Duncan
2018 Nominees


Elizabeth J. Duncan, Murder on the Hour (St. Martin’s Press)
Cathy Ace, The Corpse with the Garnet Face (Touchwood)
Ryan Aldred, Rum Luck (Five Star)
Alan Bradley, Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew’d (Doubleday Canada)
Mike Martin, A Long Ways from Home (Friesen Press)


Bony Blithe 2016 nominees 2016 Bony Blithe nominees with winner. L to R: Elizabeth J. Duncan, Untimely Death (Crooked Lane Books); Eva Gates (aka Vicki Delany), Booked for Trouble (NAL); WINNER Victoria Abbott (aka Victoria Maffini and her mom, Mary Jane Maffini), The Marsh Madness (Berkley Prime Crime); Alex Koetting, Encore (Five Star). Missing: Victoria Hamilton, White Colander Crime (Berkley Prime Crime)

Victoria Abbott, The Marsh Madness (Berkley Prime Crime)
Elizabeth J. Duncan, Untimely Death (Crooked Lane Books)
Eva Gates, Booked for Trouble (NAL)
Victoria Hamilton, White Colander Crime (Berkley Prime Crime)
Alexis Koetting, Encore (Five Star)


Bony Blithe 2015 nominees2015 Bony Blithe nominees. L to R: Janet Bolin, Night of the Living Thread (Berkley Prime Crime); E.C. Bell, Seeing the Light (Tyche Books); Cathy Ace, The Corpse with the Platinum Hair (Touchwood Editions). Missing: Judith Alguire, Many Unpleasant Returns (Signature Editions); Allan Stratton, The Resurrection of Mary Mabel McTavish (Dundurn)
Cathy AceBony Blithe 2015 winner: Cathy Ace, The Corpse with the Platinum Hair (Touchwood Editions)

Cathy Ace, The Corpse with the Platinum Hair (Touchwood Editions)
Judith Alguire, Many Unpleasant Returns (Signature Editions)
E.C. Bell, Seeing the Light (Tyche Books)
Janet Bolin, Night of the Living Thread (Berkley Prime Crime)
Allan Stratton, The Resurrection of Mary Mabel McTavish (Dundurn)


Cathy Spencer, Framed for Murder (Comely Press) ​​
Janet Bolin, Thread and Buried (Berkley Prime Crime)
Vicki Delany, Gold Web (Dundurn)
Elizabeth Duncan, Never Laugh as a Hearse Goes By (Minotaur)
Howard Shrier, Miss Montreal (Vintage Canada)


Elizabeth J. Duncan, A Small Hill to Die On (Minotaur)
Janet Bolin, Threaded for Trouble (Berkley Prime Crime)
Karen Dudley, Food for the Gods (Ravenstone)
Chris Laing, A Private Man (Seraphim)
Michelle Rowen, Blood Bath & Beyond (NAL/Obsidian)
Morley Torgov, The Mastersinger from Minsk (Dundurn)


Gloria Ferris, Cheat the Hangman (Imajin Books)
Janet Bolin, Dire Threads (Berkley Prime Crime)
Alan Bradley, A Red Herring without Mustard (Doubleday Canada)
Mary Jane Maffini, The Busy Woman’s Guide to Murder (Berkley Prime Crime)
Phyllis Smallman, Champagne for Buzzards (McArthur & Company)