The Mini-con

The Mini-con
Bony Blithe Award

The Bony Blithe Mini-con and Award Gala will take place on Friday, May 26, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Registration is now open; sign up on the Registration page. The $65 fee includes lunch, three panels or discussions, a book dealer, a loot bag, afternoon nibblies, and, of course, the award banquet in the evening.

Venue: The High Park Club

The event will be held at the High Park Club at 100 Indian Road in the Sunnyside neighborhood of west Toronto. Keep checking back throughout April and May for details on what we have planned.

Getting to the High Park Club

Transit: The way that requires the least amount of walking is by taking the number 80 Queensway bus at the Keele subway station. Out-of-towners, remember to get a transfer wherever you pay your fare. The bus goes south along Parkside Drive. You get off at Garden Avenue (Garden and Parkside), cross Parkside, and walk east along Garden Ave till you get to Indian Road. On Indian Road, walk northeast (i.e., away from the lake and CN Tower) till you get to the club at 100 Indian Road. The best way to get into the club (OK, actually the only way I know) is through the club parking lot. There are three or four shallow steps up to the door. We’ll have signs on the doors to indicate the way into the main function space.

Driving: Use Google maps to find the best way to drive from where you are to the club. Important note: Check on road closures due to construction, filming, etc. on the City of Toronto Traffic Portal. Free parking at the back of the club.


Murder is no laughing matter…or is it?

Why do we like light mysteries? Why do we smile and even laugh at crime, including murder, in mysteries? Should we? Are there any taboos and crimes that authors won’t or shouldn’t include? Why not? A discussion led by funny-girl Melodie Campbell and featuring four of our nominees: Cathy Ace, Ryan Aldred, Elizabeth J. Duncan, and Mike Martin (regrets from Alan Bradley that he can’t be with us).

What’s my line?

So you think you’re all mystery mavens, eh? We’ll see about that. This session will test your knowledge of classic mysteries and suspense books, both classic and contemporary, including books by our authors at the mini-con. We’ll read a quotation from a book, and it’s up to you to identify the series, the title of the book, and/or the author of the quotation. The more elements you can identify, the better. There’ll be a prize for the top maven of murder.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Short stories, novellas, novels? Adult, YA? Series books or standalones? Series A or series B? Straight crime books or cross-genre? We mystery readers have a lot of choice in what we choose to read, not only in subject matter but in format (length), too. How do mystery authors prefer to deliver their stories? Most of our BB author attendees, write across the spectrum, from short stories to novels, from standalones to several series. How and why do they choose the format they do? What do readers prefer reading? Panelists TBA.